As a large commercial aerospace company, we have a large variety mechanical and HVAC systems. Gasline Mechanical has been our go to contractor for many projects in several of our buildings. With projects ranging from small to large scale ductwork jobs, to large scale cooling tower replacement jobs, to custom stainless steel humidification system work, Gasline has always met or exceeded our performance expectations and completed all of the projects on budget and on time.

~ Brad LaMarsh, Mechanical Team Leader
Aeronautical Firm located in Chicago, Seattle and North Carolina

It has been my great pleasure to work with Gasline Mechanical on a number of projects. We have worked together for many years. I can count on their professionalism and teamwork to hold to schedule while providing a high quality finished product. From new construction to maintaining the equipment after our spaces are occupied, Gasline comes through with viable solutions to our most challenging HVAC needs. I look forward to continuing our working relationship and would highly recommend Gasline Mechanical.

~ Ed Babbitt, Director of Construction
Wakefield / The Evans Company

Ed and I were talking today about the salon and Gasline's part in this project and other past projects. You guys are the best. From John on down, your company always does great work and your crew is first rate and a pleasure to work with. You guys are truly full service!!! Thank you!!

~ Pat Thieme, Project Superintendent
Wakefield / Evans Company

To our Office Manager, Julie: Thank you so much for being so wonderful! It's been a pleasure working with you. I look forward to many more projects to come.

~ Galyna Sadovska, Project Accountant
Venture General Contracting, LLC

I have worked with John Anderson and his employees at Gasline Mechanical for many years. Gasline can create heating, cooling and air-exchange systems in detail and to exact specifications from the drawing board to your construction site. The Gasline design team can either quote & build from an engineered plan or create a design build system and are competitive in either arena. Once complete they have a very good warranty or maintenance team that can keep your equipment fine-tuned. They understand how a system functions can either enhance or hamper the comfort of our buildings tenants. In addition to Gasline’s expertise in design, the install team has a great attitude and they clearly take pride in their work. I have worked with many contractors and few can perform at Gasline’s level. You cannot make a better choice.

~ Bruce Moe, Project Manager
Goodman Real Estate

Gasline was great to work with from start to finish. The decision was hard to put in A/C but now that I have, I haven't regretted it one bit. Darren and the guys were easy to work with and if I had a question, it was answered. They took care of everything for US!! They were professional, on time, the work was meticulous and complete. This is a quality company and the staff reflected that in their care for the work they performed!!

~ Ryan & Melissa Sommers
North Bend

Robbie and Mike were a big help yesterday in coordinating the Phased Occupancy Opening here (Othello Station North). We had to get down and get some details worked out and the knowledge between those two was extremely helpful! I would not be able to do it without these guys!

~ Chad Weaver, Project Superintendent
Venture General Contracting, LLC

As the owner of Fusion Hot Yoga, located in Bothell, voted "Best yoga studio" in the "Best of Western Washington" contest, you can imagine how important "good" heat is to us! We heat our room to 105 degrees (!) and I'll tell you what, heating a space to 105 that is built for over 100 people practicing yoga at once, well it's simply not an easy task! Yet Gasline has managed to do it! We are currently running at 105 degrees due to Gasline's ingenuity, and perseverance. I can't recommend Darren and Steve enough! These guys are amazing. If you need to heat something, trust Gasline and trust Darren and Steve. These guys won't let you down. I hesitate to endorse anybody, as I want to make sure It's a valid and founded endorsement. And I take using my platform for endorsement very seriously... And in my experience Gasline now deserves my endorsement. So, come feel the heat! And call Gasline for all your heating needs! If they can heat us, they can heat you! Thank you Steve and Darren!

~ Jason Willey, Owner
Fusion Hot Yoga