Carrier TechnicianGasline Mechanical, Inc. was founded by President John Anderson in 1984. John created a mechanical company staffed with a team of key people highly knowledgeable of the mechanical industry. John continues to lead the company today with the same enthusiasm and select employees, some of which have been with him for decades.

What Makes Gasline Mechanical Different?

Gasline has an expansive, fully equipped, sheet metal facility to efficiently create anything from ductwork and products for residential work to high end housing and large commercial jobs. We are capable of handling projects of all sizes, from the smallest residence to the largest commercial mechanical systems.

The Ductwork Difference

DuctworkGasline Mechanical understands ductwork design and the importance that plays in longevity and performance of your heating or air conditioning system. Not all company’s proposals state specifically what kind of ductwork design standards they use, or if they have any design standards at all.

By using SMACNA (Sheet Metal Air Conditioning Contractor’s National Association) “design standards” we provide dynamically built sheet metal ductwork and fitting construction, that will “minimize air flow restriction” (Static Pressure) within the overall system. Proper ductwork design is imperative for ensuring good air flow at the registers, rated equipment efficiency, and proper life expectancy. CorMBA Logorectly designed duct and fittings also reduce the number of repairs required over the equipment’s lifetime that many times are caused by improperly installed equipment operating outside of recommended airflow parameters.

  • The ductwork of the house is equally important to the working function of your system as the equipment.
  • Gasline Mechanical installs SMACNA standards ductwork not only for our commercial customers but residential customers as well.
  • SMACNA standards are the highest design standards in the industry. In other words, we are not installing code minimum ducting.
  • The ductwork we custom fabricate for your home will be built using state of the art computer controlled plasma tables and will be built piece by piece just for your system.
  • We will do a layout on the floor using a chalk line and build every piece custom to fit your home. Gasline does not purchase ducting from a local supplier and cut it up to make it work. In addition, we will be using acoustical liner to trap sound, we will design all air intakes to operate below 400 feet per minute to keep the noise below NC25.
  • We will perform an actual air balance before sheetrock to insure every heat run delivers the proper air flow. We will then lock it in place above the ceiling so that the air flow will not lose balance over time because of loose hardware.

The Design Difference

Gasline Mechanical has an expert mechanical design engineer to provide the best system for your needs. We have a large client base built on a reputation for systems and products that have been designed by professionals built and installed by trained craftsmen that take pride in their work. Gasline has learned that going the extra step to provide the best possible design, and the highest quality workmanship creates repeat customers that take as much pride in the finished product as we do. Our motto: “It is a matter of pride”.